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You have visited Italy several times with its beautiful coasts located in the center of the Mediterranean. Are you secretly thinking more and more about moving to Italy? 

At De Haan, you've come to the right place for moving to Italy

Realize your move to Italy! Reliable, helpful, and experienced international mover De Haan Relocation is ready to take care of your move within Europe and worldwide, including customs formalities. This allows you to start arranging other matters related to your move to Italy.

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Move to Italy worry-free with De Haan

De Haan handles international moves daily. Moving to Milan, Rome, or a house in the countryside North of Florence? De Haan will take care of it for you. Did you know that we can also help and guide you when moving from Italy to the Netherlands, or when you choose to move from Italy to another country? De Haan's moving specialists are ready to assist you. Your personal move coordinator will guide you through the entire moving process, from A to Z. We are ready, are you? Move worry-free, confidently, and professionally with De Haan.

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The pros and cons of moving to Italy

Are you secretly thinking more and more about moving to Italy? Are you therefore weighing the possible advantages and disadvantages of moving to Italy? Below, we list them for you for a careful consideration. However, in your specific personal situation, an advantage could turn into a disadvantage.

The advantages of moving to Italy

  • The most common advantages we hear for moving to Italy include: 
  • The pleasant climate
  • The beautiful Italian landscapes and lakes, such as Tuscany and Lake Garda or Lake Maggiore
  • Accessible public healthcare, although there are significant regional differences.
  • Hospitable people who also like to dress nicely
  • Historical and cultural richness to enjoy

Culinary delight in the Italian cuisine, local specialties, the good life known as La Dolce Vita, including extended lunches with multiple people at long tables (unless you don't like many types of pasta, pizza, or limoncello)

So, besides taking coffee very seriously, Italy offers attractive advantages for moving to Italy! 

Moving to Italy: the disadvantages

Every story has two sides, just like moving to Italy. The most common disadvantages we hear from people returning from Italy to the Netherlands are: 

  • Finding work can be challenging, and wages are often lower than in other European countries
  • Different quality of education than you're used to, unless you opt for international schools
  • Complex bureaucratic rules that constantly change and slow administrative processes
  • Difficult to adapt to the Italian lifestyle, as everything takes a bit longer, and not everything is clear
  • The Italian language
  • Far from family and friends

Italian hospitality, gelato, and wine alone are not enough to make the crucial decision you're facing. There are definitely downsides to moving to Italy, and the differences between Northwest Italy, Northeast Italy, Central Italy, and Southern Italy are significant. 

Many have gone before you and moved worry-free with De Haan. The committed and helpful moving specialists at De Haan will support you throughout your entire move to Italy because moving to Italy should ultimately be a celebration, right?

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September 06 2023

Friendly employees and very helpful.

July 17 2023

Excellent service, adequate, friendly and knowledgeable, in short: recommended (we have been doing this for 6 years :)


Moving to Cella Monte, Italy
from Amsterdam, Netherlands

July 12 2023

Good services, impressive trucks and quality of packaging also very delicate and valuable things. 10/10 recommended

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