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Since 1777 - eight generations De Haan

Experience, knowledge and entrepreneurship





It was in 1777 that Adriaan de Haan first started a tow barge service between Alblasserdam and Rotterdam. Later between Rotterdam and Dordrecht as well.



During the 19th and 20th century, De Haan operated as a barge company. Back then, we used to ship freight between Alblasserdam, Rotterdam and Dordrecht. Four generations of the De Haan family were at the helm of the company at this time.



Willem and Abram de Haan purchased the first motorized cargo vessel for the company. 



Willem de Haan's son, Adriaan, went on to acquire the company's first truck in 1927. De Haan thereby became a parcel delivery service.



The company put its first removal truck into operation in 1960. Wim de Haan (7th generation, born in 1941 and son of Gillus Dignus de Haan) was the first driver of this moving truck when he was 19 years old.


De Haan: A Stable, Family-owned Moving Company

Currently the eighth generation is 100% owner of De Haan, relying throughout its long history on its core values.

Today De Haan is one of the oldest family businesses in The Netherlands.

In 2022 we celebrate our 245th anniversary.


245 years De Haan

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