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Packing assistance


Need packingservice for your move?

Choose for the professional help of De Haan packingservice

A growing group of people who are moving, do not want to pack themselves and opt for the convenience and time savings of a packing service when moving.

There are also situations that you cannot pack yourself, this is the case when crossing national borders for which customs clearance is required.

Packing service, choice or requirement?

Be it choice or requirement, in both cases we recommend having the boxes packed by an experienced De Haan mover. Moving is our profession and our employees are committed! We move several times a day and that brings packing experience that you may lack.

Professional packing when moving with De Haan relocation is fast and safe. Your personal belongings are packed with the utmost care by experienced packers. They have followed courses and training to pack your removal equipment professionally, efficiently and properly.Any valuable items, such as crockery or silverware, are packed with extra attention.

Packing service, also for your bookcase

If you let De Haan pack your books, for example, you can be sure that the contents of your bookcase come across in a good way. The books are neatly placed with the "backs" together so that no hard covers get between the pages of other books and can therefore be damaged. De Haan can even put the books back in the same order as you want. The bookcase is given a code in advance and the shelves are given a number, this code and numbers correspond to the special book boxes. To be on the safe side, we also take a picture of your bookcase.

Should you consider to pack your books yourself, please observe the simple basic rules as mentioned above, books back to back and use the special small book box to keep the weight for yourself and our movers low. Keep in mind, however, that packing books by yourself takes a lot of time. In most cases, this is because you are going to take the books in hand and memories come up, especially with photo books this will happen.

Packing service, a customized service

In addition, custom crates can be manufactured for precious and vulnerable items. We understand better than anyone the emotion behind your moving goods!

Finally, when packing, the goods are properly labeled and documented in the applicable language on an inventory list. This way, your household contents can be safely loaded into the moving van or sea container. Ready to go! If, in addition to De Haan moving packing service at origin, you also want De Haan moving unpacking service at destination, please let us know.

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June 02 2024

Knowledgeable, solution-oriented, friendly, and they don't leave until the customer is satisfied. They also think along with the customer for solutions, choosing not the most expensive option but the best one.


Moving to Spain,
from Netherlands

May 17 2024

Friendly & professional service. Very satisfied.


Moving to France,
from Netherlands

May 10 2024

For our move to Portugal, we were looking for a reliable company that would responsibly transport our belongings at a reasonable price. A thorough intake process resulted in a quote that felt right. Although some things ultimately went slightly differently than planned (a moving lift couldn't be used at the departure location, and at the final destination, the last part of the road was too narrow for the moving truck), there were no additional costs. More importantly, all the staff remained friendly and helpful, and there was plenty of laughter. Highly recommended! We are left with a very good feeling. Thanks to everyone at De Haan Relocation, Netherlands who contributed!


Moving to Portugal,
from Netherlands

De gemiddelde beoordeling van klanten die verhuisden van en naar Europa

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