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De Haan Commercial Moving

efficiently move your business, office or institution

Are you relocating your office or business? What needs to be done in the preparation and execution of an office relocation? How do you organize your office or business relocation efficiently? Did you know that De Haan is also a leading provider of large-scale relocation projects in the Netherlands for businesses?

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EPV Certified

De Haan has been accredited by the EPV, the association representing large-scale moving companies in The Netherlands. We meet the highest criteria imposed for relocating large organizations. This in effect guarantees that De Haan is able to carry out any form of large-scale, complex, or labor-intensive company relocation, on behalf of offices, companies, museums, laboratories, schools, or health care facilities.

Moving an office or company without loss of productivity

Your office or company is moving. A new location with new opportunities. Often even with a new method. What should be done in the preparation and execution of an office move? How do we organize our office or company relocation efficiently? Because a company move costs more than moving inventory. A company move takes energy, attention and distracts. De Haan recognizes this and fully assists organizations with a plan of approach, communication and guaranteed implementation during their business relocation. Because it is our specialty. Our profession and what we are proud of.  

De Haan’s strengths for office moves and company moves

  1. An unique, innovative approach aimed at minimizing downtime
  2. A team of experienced project managers to streamline large-scale moving projects
  3. Specialist staff, special-purpose equipment and materials for large-scale relocation projects
  4. Clear concise quotations, checklists, schedules and an unique ICT approach

You can rest assured that your relocation is in good hands, so that you can concentrate on other matters relating to your move.
Please feel free to request references. Whether you're moving a health care center, a hospital, a town hall, or an office complex, you can be sure that De Haan will dot all the i's and cross all the t's.

Corina van Lieshout

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