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Need storage room

In need of household storage when moving?

Secured storage for various situations

There are several reasons for household storage: you may lack space, your new home won't be ready on time, you want to sell your actual home before finding a new one, or you're temporarily moving abroad. Even if you're an expat moving to the Netherlands and need storage options for your furniture, De Haan offers secure household storage for various situations.

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The benefits of household storage at De Haan

Storing your belongings in our own warehouse offers numerous advantages. Here are 3 for you: 

  1. Storage is completely dry, climate-controlled, and secured against burglary, theft, fire, and pests.

  2. De Haan has been awarded the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificate by customs authorities. This certificate ensures that our storage meets the high standards set by customs, guaranteeing the safety of people and goods. It also allows for swift delivery from abroad with temporary storage.

  3. You only pay for the space your household storage occupies. Our skilled movers can also pick up and securely pack your goods for storage, ensuring you don't pay for unused space!

How household storage works at De Haan Relocation

As a moving company, we offer storage as part of a relocation service we provide. However, even if we're not handling your move, you can still use our household storage facilities. First, we'll schedule an appointment with you to discuss the type and quantity of goods involved, so we can prepare the appropriate storage container. Then, you can deliver your items to us. 

Temporary or long-term storage

Whether you need storage for a short or extended period, our customs-certified warehouse located on the A15 between Rotterdam and Gorinchem ensures your belongings are securely stored under 24-hour camera surveillance and alarm security.

Both temporary and long-term household storage options are available. You can store your items for as little as one calendar month or semi-permanently – the choice is yours. And you can stop your storage at any time, with a month's notice.
You can access your storage container for sorting, adding, or retrieving your stored belongings. However, there are costs associated with this service, as we need to retrieve and prepare the storage container for your visit. An appointment is necessary. 

Costs of household storage

At De Haan, your belongings can be stored in steel containers, wooden crates, pallet racks, or custom spaces, which affects the storage costs. Whether you need short-term or long-term household storage at our moving company, and whether you require access, are factors that determine the cost of household storage. We're happy to discuss the costs of storing your belongings at our reliable family moving company and explore tailored storage options with you. 

Storing your belongings in a container

For small quantities, De Haan offers steel storage containers with three separate compartments. Each compartment in these household storage containers is 10 cubic meters and can be accessed and locked separately. Household storage in a container at De Haan can be temporary or long-term. 

Insuring your stored belongings

During the storage period, your belongings are not automatically insured by us. However, insuring household goods in storage is mandatory. Some household insurance companies allow you to transfer your insurance to our storage address. However, this is not always possible, and there may be limited conditions, so be sure to check! You are required to take out insurance for your household storage; we can arrange this for you if desired.

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June 02 2024

Knowledgeable, solution-oriented, friendly, and they don't leave until the customer is satisfied. They also think along with the customer for solutions, choosing not the most expensive option but the best one.


Moving to Spain,
from Netherlands

May 17 2024

Friendly & professional service. Very satisfied.


Moving to France,
from Netherlands

May 10 2024

For our move to Portugal, we were looking for a reliable company that would responsibly transport our belongings at a reasonable price. A thorough intake process resulted in a quote that felt right. Although some things ultimately went slightly differently than planned (a moving lift couldn't be used at the departure location, and at the final destination, the last part of the road was too narrow for the moving truck), there were no additional costs. More importantly, all the staff remained friendly and helpful, and there was plenty of laughter. Highly recommended! We are left with a very good feeling. Thanks to everyone at De Haan Relocation, Netherlands who contributed!


Moving to Portugal,
from Netherlands

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