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Practical Tips

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Moving with children

Relocating is a challenging ordeal, especially for your children. It is important to pay attention to this during the preparations. We have collected helpful tips from experts for you and ranked them by the child's age. Because we go that extra mile in offering our clients the best service.

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Moving with pets

Do you own a pet and are you moving? Does this make you anxious? A move isn't just stressful for you and all people involved, but definitely for your pet as well. Read how you can minimize stress on the animal during the move.

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Tips for an international move

We have gathered information from our clients and our team of experts. From these insights, we have listed the most important and useful tips and recommendations for you. 

Guides and checklists

100 points Move checklist

Here you can find the ultimate move checklist to make sure you do not forget anything. Read how you can prepare yourself for your move in the best possible way with our checklist. We've made this list based on the knowledge and experiences of our customers and move specialists.

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Import a car as part of your household goods

Are you planning to move (back) to the Netherlands soon and do you want to take your car or motor with you as part of your moving inventory? Do you dread the high taxes that come with importing a car, such as BPM, VAT and import duties? However, it is possible to avoid these high charges.


Marine Insurance Guide by OMNI

Modern export packing and transportation methods provide an excellent level of protection for all furniture and personal effects. OMNI companies have highly trained staff and the latest facilities to make every move as smooth as possible. But no move is without risk.


40 packing tips from pro's

You are going to move within the Netherlands or other parts of Europe? And you are wondering how to pack your valuable items in the best way? Our experienced experts share their knowledge in this free e-book with 40 packing tips. To make your move easier and minimize the chances on damage.

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10 practical cleaning tips

Moving and cleaning go hand in hand. Because how do you avoid moving too much? Stuff that you no longer use or that don't fit in your new home? Use these tips and you will save effort, time and money!

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Take less? 16 tips to sort your stuff before moving

You only know how much clutter you have in your home when you move. Stuff that you often don't even know you have. And yet you move everything with you every time. We even come to people whose boxes we just took unpacked from last time.

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Moving? Five insurance policies you should not forget

It's finally there. You take the step to move to the Netherlands or within the Netherlands. We have listed five important insurance policies below that you should not forget.

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A Move Survey - how does that work?

The appraisal and consultation visit by our surveyor is the first step in the moving process. The purpose of this visit is to provide information about the moving process, discuss your wishes, and make inventory of the items to be moved, including those that require extra care. How does this pre-move work?

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Moving to the United Kingdom after Brexit: everything conveniently at a glance

From January 1, 2021, the new rules between the EU and the United Kingdom apply. This includes other customs regulations for the movement of goods. What do you need to know if you are going to relocate to the UNited Kingdom after Brexit? We have listed it conveniently for you.

Verboden artikelen bij verhuizing

Packing belongings? Check which items are not insured or even prohibited

Do you know which goods are not insured or even prohibited to move? Check which these are! When in doubt, always contact your move coordinator or us. We are happy to inform you.

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Arranging a Senior Move? Consider These 5 Things

A senior move is not just a simple task: the emotional aspect carries significant weight. In this article, you will read about what to consider in senior relocations.

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The importance of good moving boxes for a stress-free move

Using high-quality moving materials that protects your valuable household goods are an important part of a stress-free move. De Haan's moving boxes have been chosen deliberately. Read about our choice in this blog.

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Living and working abroad

Are you considering taking the leap and living and working abroad? Then this article with best tips is definitely for you! At De Haan Relocation, we understand the excitement and challenges that come it. After all, we experience it every day.

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What does international moving cost?

Are you considering the costs of international moving? What factors actually determine these costs? And which company best suits your budget? In this blog, you'll find all the information you need because smart management of your relocation budget is crucial. 

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What can you do yourself to move sustainably?

What can you do yourself to move sustainably? Read about it in this blog with 5 tips on sustainable moving.