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Mission, promise and values of De Haan

Why we do what we do and more ...

At De Haan relocation our values are based in the roots of our 8th generation family business, as clearly exemplified in the youngest generation of De Haan. We conduct business keeping in mind the continuity of our organization, our employees, our customers and our environment. From there we work in service and stewardship to others and society in general. Within this we ensure our business remains people-oriented and continue to lead in quality of execution and communication. 
From this vision and mission we will professionally and happily help you move anywhere in the world.

Our Mission

As an internationally certified and recognized relocation and relocation specialist, we unburden one of the most important and stressful events in a person's life or existence of an organization. Deeply anchored in history and reliability we are an honest, innovative, professional and socially committed relocation specialist where people come first.

Our Promise

We ensure with a personal touch that your valuable belongings are moved safely and securely anywhere in the world so that you quickly feel at home again, and it is our ambition to continue to be positively distinctive in customer satisfaction and sustainability.

Our Values  

  1. Customer-oriented
    It is our core belief that our customers are the life-force of our industry. We do what we promise, often going above and beyond what was agreed, because we believe that a deal is a deal. Our fully flexible, customized service and capacity enables a tailor-made approach to any customers' relocation assignment.

  2. Passion
    We love our job. Conducting it with passion, inspiration and pleasure makes our work with our colleagues and customers more beautiful. A good move and a satisfied customer. That makes us proud as committed co-workers and partners.

  3. Personal approach
    We believe that everything revolves around people. We don't just move belongings, but people as well. People who want to quickly feel at home again. Personal attention, respect and good communication towards customers and colleagues centre around this belief.

  4. Craftsmanship
    We see moving as a profession. Providing at all times top quality to our customers. This requires a high degree of responsibility, professionalism, expertise and experience. Pure craftsmanship in all aspects of the move.

  5. Result-oriented
    We work in a highly competitive market. This requires us to work sustainably in a cost-conscious, safe and efficient way with a constant focus on high quality and customer satisfaction.

  6. Integrity
    We always act in good conscience. Making a profit is important, of course, but only when it meets our organisational values based upon the continuity of our organisation, our employees, our customers and our environment in the long term. We work on the basis of transparency, service and stewardship.
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