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Corporate relocation services

Carefree relocation for the expats of your company



Does your expat need cleaning services for their house or a part of the house? Does the house need to be clean again after departure of the expat? De Haan can take care of this.

Intercultural learning

Culture support

A culture shock is a well-known problem during an international move. Because of this, it could take a longer time before you, your partner or your family feels at home at your new international destination. How can you prepare yourself for this? 

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Delivery service home

Does your house need to look neat after the move? For the delivery to a landlord or the new owners? With our deliver service we can help you. 


Departure services

When your employee moves back to the home country (repatriate) it is important to deregistrate your employee at several organizations, local authority, immigration service and so on. 

Airport Building

Exchange your currency

How do you deal with money in the country of your destination? Which payment options do you take with you to your destination? De Haan can help you with the exchange of your currency.

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Expat assistant

Does your organization work with expats? Are you looking for help from specialists to help your expat feel at home? And to increase the success rate of this valuable employee, and even his family? Investing in an expat assistant could be the solution.  

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Finding a home

Before an expat can move to The Netherlands a convenient residental location should be found. De Haan can assist by submitting a number of properties to the expat that meet the expats requirements. 

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Finding a school

Does your employee have a family? And is it important that the children go to the right school? In this case professional help is important. A good school is a success factor, and is often the beginning of the search for a house.

HR Helpdesk

Are you an HR professional and charged with the complex issues pertaining to the relocation of expats? In that case our HR Helpdesk can help you!

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Immigration support

The move to The Netherlands can be much more difficult than expected. Besides the actual move there are many other things to look at when you move to The Netherlands. De Haan offers a full immigration package, as an extension of the Human&Resource department.

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Language training

Are you planning on moving with your family to a foreign country because you have to work abroad? Do you want your family members to know the language which is spoken in the country? Try a language training.

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Moving assistant

Do you need someone to help with the preparations for your move? Someone with experience and a practical approach? A moving assistant can help you! 

Culture in Australia


In the initial phase of the emigration for work or other reasons it is crucial to do an orientation trip. Not as a tourist, but focused on an actual new life on the destination. During this trip we advise professional support.

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Partner support

Do you want to have everything done to make the move of the expat successful? Then it is also important to take the needs of the expat's partner into consideration.

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Pre move services

Before your expatriate staff can actually relocate to the Netherlands, it is important to take careful note of their needs and requirements. They also need to be aware of the most important aspects of life in the Netherlands, e.g. public transit, guided tours, work/residence permits, etc.

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Settling-in services

Once a suitable property has been found, it is necessary that the expat can settle down as soon as possible in the new residence and domicile. To facilitate this process, we offer a comprehensive package of settling-in services.