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Currency exchange

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Which payment method is most common your the country of destination? Is it with cash, bank card or digital? Once you're there you should be ready for anything. Small payments and ATM withdrawal can be done anywhere in Europe. But what about outside European borders?  The first thing you can do is expand the scope of your Maestro region at your bank office. A creditcard also enables you to make payments in the majority of countries. However, it is recommended to bring enough cash along. 

Cash, always useful

Always take along some cash. With most banks you can order foreign currency through the applicable website. You will receive confirmation via email and get the money later in the chosen office. Ask small denominations so you can put the money in different places. Therefore, you will not go with large sums in your wallet on the road.

Make sure that you request this on time, preferably a month before you need the foreign currency. There could be a leadtime, which has to do with whether it is in stock or not. Common currency such as US dollars and British pounds are usually in stock, but this does not apply to Icelandic crowns. In the latter case, there is a chance you have to wait longer for your order.

Currency exchange costs

Exchanging currency always costs money. These costs vary per bank or organization. On your bank's website you can usually find how much the exchange of a currency will cost. Currency exchange is also possible at your local currency exchange office. Check the website for current costs. If you want to exchange money at your destination, it would be wise to avoid exchanging at airports. Rates are much higher there.

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May 17 2024

Friendly & professional service. Very satisfied.


Moving to France,
from Netherlands

May 10 2024

For our move to Portugal, we were looking for a reliable company that would responsibly transport our belongings at a reasonable price. A thorough intake process resulted in a quote that felt right. Although some things ultimately went slightly differently than planned (a moving lift couldn't be used at the departure location, and at the final destination, the last part of the road was too narrow for the moving truck), there were no additional costs. More importantly, all the staff remained friendly and helpful, and there was plenty of laughter. Highly recommended! We are left with a very good feeling. Thanks to everyone at De Haan Relocation, Netherlands who contributed!


Moving to Portugal,
from Netherlands

May 06 2024

We have moved internationally several times. The team at De Haan works very neatly and professionally, both during the preparation phase when providing the quote and during the execution. They use good and sturdy packaging materials. When packing, it would be helpful if there was more detail indicating what goes into the boxes.

R. de Kluiver

Moving to Portugal,
from the Netherlands

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