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Family business De Han

Family business De Haan

Investing in growth, professionalism, employees and society.

The De Haan family is the 100% shareholder of De Haan relocation. They represent the 8th generation of the company founded in 1777. Currently, the shares are owned by CEO Michiel de Haan. Michiel, born in 1966, is the eldest son of Wim de Haan (born in 1941).

Michiel operates under the vision that the De Haan company's primary goal is not to maximize profits, but to make a difference:

  • for the employees: employees should work with joy and pride and have opportunities for personal development;
  • for the customers: so that they have the ultimate moving experience;
  • in society: take a leading role in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), both in terms of "green" and social policies;
  • in the industry: be innovative and a frontrunner.

Michiel states: "Furthermore, I am very proud of the fact that De Haan has been in existence since 1777, and I am the 8th generation to be a part of it. I am pleased with the moral obligation I feel to continue this family business. I am a fan of family businesses, because these companies do not need to be driven by short-term profit motives, but by a commitment to continuity while preserving family values. For me, this means that I do not have a need for dividends, but of course, it is important for the company's continuity that profits are generated, so that we can invest in growth, professionalism, employees, and society: minimal viable profit."

Michiel de Haan

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