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Are you preparing for your upcoming move to Paris? And are you curious about what you should pay attention to, how long it will take, what the options are and how much it will cost you? The moving experts at De Haan relocation are happy to help you.

What should you keep in mind when moving to Paris??

In fact, moving to Paris is broadly the same as moving to another city in the Netherlands. The big difference is mainly in the distance and the layout of the city of Paris. First of all, Paris: a special city that appeals to many. However, it is not always easy for moving companies to get everywhere in the city and then to unload practically in a good way (think of the narrow streets and the higher (town) houses. Our experience ensures that every unloading situation is is possible, one less worry for you.

Then the distance: it is possible to be in Paris within a day (note: average speed of the moving van is 70 km per hour). Of course, this means that the travel time is a cost-increasing factor for your move. And if a whole team of Dutch people goes along.... that will increase. How does De Haan ensure that these costs remain limited for you? We do this by:

  • combining relocations to and from Western Europe. This means that we try to include multiple removals at once.
  • taking care of relocations (back) to the Netherlands. We do this for Dutch people who are going back to the Netherlands, but also for Spaniards, French and Belgians who want to move to the Netherlands.
  • to work with good moving companies in Paris, who assist us locally.

It is easier for a specialist European mover such as De Haan relocation to combine multiple moves due to its large clientele. In addition, De Haan has a well-known relocation company as a partner in every place in Europe, so that collaboration is the order of the day. De Haan movers help other moving companies throughout Europe to perform their services properly. They understand their trade, speak their languages ​​and are used to working with other cultures.

Every week in France

Due to her specialization, De Haan is moving to France every week, and back. Sometimes even with multiple relocation combinations. This means that we can often meet your requirements with regard to loading and unloading data.

How much does a move to Paris cost?

"How much does moving to Paris cost?" A frequently asked question. It can sometimes be useful to have an indication of the moving costs from the Netherlands to Paris. Of course, an exact amount can only really be determined if more is known about the size of the move, the loading location, the unloading location and your personal wishes about the service.

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May 17 2024

Friendly & professional service. Very satisfied.


Moving to France,
from Netherlands

March 10 2024

Top notch quality service. We have had a damage which has been very professionally managed in quick time. Well done, amazing responsiveness and thank you for your excellent monitoring of our move and your support during the move cycle. 


Moving to Tokyo, Japan,
from Paris, France

January 16 2024

Extremely well coordinated. Top Notch for the whole mover chain.

J. Lawrence
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