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Moving to Luxembourg?

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Did you decided to make your international move to Luxembourg? And are you looking for a specialized international moving company? With experience in moving to and from Luxembourg? Stop looking. De Haan can help you.

Moving to Luxembourg, hassle-free and cost-effective

We can assist you in the preparation and execution of your move to Luxembourg. We offer a comprehensive moving service from A to Z. You determine which services suit you best, both in the Netherlands and in Luxembourg. The De Haan team is ready to ensure your international move is stress-free. Your new home will be furnished with your personal belongings, so you can quickly feel at home in your new destination.

European Mover

For many years, De Haan has been relocating both individuals and expatriates to Luxembourg and back to the Netherlands or to other countries worldwide. It's not a problem for us to move your entire household or a portion of it. As one of the larger European movers, we are in Luxembourg weekly to take care of your move. Whether you're moving to or from the Netherlands or any other destination, we've got you covered within Europe. We also have a network in:

Moving to Luxembourg: Combination or Direct?

Often, we can drive through Luxembourg as we frequently handle relocations to Switzerland, France, Spain, or Italy. This allows you to take advantage of attractive combination rates, provided you are somewhat flexible. Alternatively, it is also possible to specifically drive to Luxembourg for your relocation on fixed dates. With a travel distance of approximately 350 km, this can be done in 4 to 5 hours with a moving truck.

What does a move to Luxembourg cost?

Sometimes it's handy to have an estimate of the moving costs from the Netherlands to Luxembourg or vice versa. Of course, an exact amount can only be determined when more is known about the size of the move, the loading location, the unloading location, and your personal preferences regarding service. Feel free to request an estimate via the buttons at the top of our page. Would you prefer a personal conversation with one of our moving advisors? Feel free to call us. We'll help you right away.

Education in Language and Culture in Luxembourg

NTC Luxembourg in Luxembourg-Grund is a school for Dutch-speaking children from the age of 4. The education closely aligns with language education in the Netherlands and Flanders and works towards the core objectives for language skills in Dutch primary education. The Dutch Inspectorate of Education oversees the quality of education at NTC Luxembourg.

International network

For many years, De Haan has helped both individuals as well as expatriates with their move to Luxembourg or back to The Netherlands. It's no problem for us to move your entire household or a part of a household. Through our extensive international partner network, we find the right solution for each country. This offers you the best guarantee on a happy move as De Haan selects the right moving companies.  

Would you like to talk with one of our relocation consultants to get more details on the cost for your move? Please feel free to call or email us. We are happy to help you.

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May 10 2024

For our move to Portugal, we were looking for a reliable company that would responsibly transport our belongings at a reasonable price. A thorough intake process resulted in a quote that felt right. Although some things ultimately went slightly differently than planned (a moving lift couldn't be used at the departure location, and at the final destination, the last part of the road was too narrow for the moving truck), there were no additional costs. More importantly, all the staff remained friendly and helpful, and there was plenty of laughter. Highly recommended! We are left with a very good feeling. Thanks to everyone at De Haan Relocation, Netherlands who contributed!


Moving to Portugal,
from Netherlands

May 06 2024

We have moved internationally several times. The team at De Haan works very neatly and professionally, both during the preparation phase when providing the quote and during the execution. They use good and sturdy packaging materials. When packing, it would be helpful if there was more detail indicating what goes into the boxes.

R. de Kluiver

Moving to Portugal,
from the Netherlands

May 03 2024

Overall, good. I am pleased with De Haan Relocation's services.


Moving to Switzerland,
from Netherlands

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