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Moving to Norway?

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Finally the time has come. You want to emigrate to Scandinavia, to beautiful Norway. Would you like to know what it costs to move to Norway for your budget and choices? With a specialized moving company? Then you have come to the right place at De Haan relocation. As an international specialist, we can help you with your upcoming move to Norway.

Relocating to Norway

Moving to Norway is a dream for many people. The beautiful nature, impressive cities like Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger or Trondheim and the authentic Scandinavian lifestyle. Or maybe to follow your partner or a start on a new international workplace in Norway? All reasons to opt for a move to Norway.

Now is the time to pack and move. There is a lot to prepare. Not only the paperwork and the personal issues like insurance, pension etc. But also the practical matters, like packing your goods. If you need any help with the transport of your household goods, it would be nice if you can find a suitable moving company.

Carefree moving to Norway

Our employees are experienced in taking care of relocations to and from Norway. You will not be faced with surprises, but you will benefit from the right approach and a carefree relocation. This way you will soon be able to completely furnish your house in Norway with your personal furniture or other properties from the Netherlands. You will quickly feel at home in Norway again.

Required documents for relocation to Norway

  • Copy of passport + ID number Norway (11 characters)
  • Completed form "importation of removal goods Declaration"
  • Copy of rental or purchase contract of the property in Norway
  • Copy of registration certificate from the municipality in Norway
  • Copy of employer's statement or employment contract
  • Detailed English inventory list.
    If the above documents are not available at the departure of our moving van, we can arrange temporary customs clearance at an additional cost.

Requirements and conditions for relocation to Norway

  • Goods can be imported free of import duties provided they have been in your possession and use abroad before the start of the move
  • You must have lived outside Norway for at least 1 year
  • The goods must be imported into Norway within 12 months of arrival.
    If the necessary customs documents are not available, the goods can be temporarily cleared through a special procedure.

A professional moving company

Moving to Norway is quite an undertaking. Both organizational and practical. With a specialized moving company, the practical part is well taken care of and you can focus on the other matters that need to be arranged before you leave.

Emigrate to Norway

Do you want to leave the Netherlands and emigrate to Norway? Then there is a lot to consider before your emigration is ready. Since Norway is not part of the European Union, you have to take into account more rules and obligations than emigrating to an EU country such as Spain. Fortunately, the professionals at De Haan are ready to assist you with this. This way the emigration will run smoothly and you can become really enthusiastic about this exciting phase in your life.

Emigrating to Norway: this is what you should pay attention to

As you could already see, emigrating to Norway is an intensive process. Fortunately, you don't have to do this alone. Our professional movers are ready to provide you with the very best care, both in the Netherlands and in your new home country of Norway. As an EU citizen, you can stay in Norway for three months without having to register. After this period you must register and you must therefore also be able to prove that you have a job in Norway. Are you still not sure whether you want to move to Norway? We have listed a few more things to keep in mind when you want to emigrate to this Scandinavian country.

  • Daily life is more expensive than in the Netherlands. On the other hand, the wages in Norway are on average also higher than the wages you are used to in the Netherlands. As a result, it is still in proportion to each other.
  • Working in Norway. A job with a Norwegian employer is necessary to apply for a visa in Norway. It is therefore best to start looking for a job immediately so that you do not have to worry about it. Are you unable to find a job before emigrating? Then you have three months to look for a new job. After those three months, you must apply for a visa.
  • Speak the Norwegian language. In Norway they can speak English very well, but it is of course an advantage if you can also speak and/or understand the Norwegian language.
  • Schools in Norway. Are you emigrating with your family? Then it is also important that you look for a school for your children. Children are required to attend school from age ten to sixteen. Do you have younger children? The government arranges childcare for children from one to four years old - so you do not have to pay for this.

Are you looking for more practical tips for (international) moving in general? Then take a look at this page. Here our experts have put together useful tips for you.

Every year we move many families to and from beautiful Norway. We are ready, are you too? You can move to Norway carefree, confidently and professionally or even emigrate to Norway with De Haan. 

Hugo van Bastelaere

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May 10 2024

For our move to Portugal, we were looking for a reliable company that would responsibly transport our belongings at a reasonable price. A thorough intake process resulted in a quote that felt right. Although some things ultimately went slightly differently than planned (a moving lift couldn't be used at the departure location, and at the final destination, the last part of the road was too narrow for the moving truck), there were no additional costs. More importantly, all the staff remained friendly and helpful, and there was plenty of laughter. Highly recommended! We are left with a very good feeling. Thanks to everyone at De Haan Relocation, Netherlands who contributed!


Moving to Portugal,
from Netherlands

May 06 2024

We have moved internationally several times. The team at De Haan works very neatly and professionally, both during the preparation phase when providing the quote and during the execution. They use good and sturdy packaging materials. When packing, it would be helpful if there was more detail indicating what goes into the boxes.

R. de Kluiver

Moving to Portugal,
from the Netherlands

May 03 2024

Overall, good. I am pleased with De Haan Relocation's services.


Moving to Switzerland,
from Netherlands

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