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Moving to the United States?

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Moving to the United States is a dream for many people – 'The American Dream'. Are you looking for a specialist moving company with committed, professional staff who can relieve you of all the burdens? Then look no further than De Haan, where quality and professionalism play the leading role.

Safe & Sound moving to the Netherlands from the US

De Haan is a registered specialist for international relocation services to the United States or when moving to the Netherlands from the US. We've got an extensive network of partners that guarantees you the level of quality movingservices that you expect in whichever country you chose to move to.

It's no problem for us to move all your household contents overseas, or simply a selection of your cherished belongings. De Haan ships sea containers and air freight safely and soundly for customers when moving to the Netherlands from the US or vice versa weekly.

Planning to move to the United States?

"Yes! I'm moving to the States!" De Haan Relocation has FIDI-registered partners in every region of the United States. Whether you're thinking about New York or Los Angeles, or anywhere in-between, look no further than De Haan to take care of everything, every step of the way.

We'll get you the right information and paperwork for customs, and take account of your moving schedule at all times.

Moving Back to The Netherlands from the US. Home Sweet Home! 

We've got an extensive network of partners that can be of service if and when you decide move back to The Netherlands from the US. We will pack and ship your household contents professionally and with the utmost care.

De Haan then takes care of delivery to your new home. It goes without saying that we'll make sure you've got all the information you need to clear your household contents through customs.

Smooth, Trouble-Free International moving to the US with De Haan

There are essentially three main ingredients to making sure all your belongings reach your destination without sustaining any damage:

  • Correct packing
  • A reliable partner
  • All formalities in order

De Haan Relocation, Netherlands has all these bases covered:

  1. We use durable, special-purpose packing material and train our moving experts in seaproof packing – this requires great skill!
  2. As both a FIDI and an OMNI member, we rely on our global network of moving partners to deliver your belongings to your new address. We select local partners based on quality and regular evaluations. Quite often, we know the staff at these overseas companies personally and have worked with them for many years. This ensures that you can count on committed and professional moving experts in the country you're moving to.
  3. De Haan arranges all customs formalities and shipping by sea or air. We assign a designated coordinator to oversee this entire process, to communicate with our partners overseas, and to keep you informed.

Documents,terms and conditions for your move to the United States

Which documents are requested and which requirements /conditions apply to you depends entirely on your personal situation. We are happy to assist you in this difficult matter of documents because we understand that this can be stressful.

Here you can find more information: FIDI Imports Customs Guide United States

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April 11 2024

We had an excellent experience with De Haan Relocation. They promptly responded to our information inquiries. The staff expertly answered all our questions, and a quote was promptly provided thereafter. The pickup, packing, and removal of the goods were well-organized. The staff knew how to disassemble the goods, and the antique cabinet was expertly packed in a custom-made crate. The information flow about shipping dates and arrival dates was excellent. De Haan's staff kept us informed of all steps in the transportation process and contacted us immediately after the goods arrived to inquire if we had received any updates on local handling, customs clearance, and delivery of the goods. Delivery and assembly of the goods were excellent. We are extremely satisfied with the service provided by De Haan Relocation, Netherlands!


Moving to United States,
from Netherlands


March 26 2024

We are very satisfied with the service provided by De Haan Relocation. They responded promptly and were pleasant to deal with. The communication was clear, and all items were packed with great care and speed. The journey to America went smoothly, and nothing was damaged.


Moving to United States,
from the Netherlands

December 16 2023

In a flash we sold our property of 35 years in Holland and called De Haan. It is amazing how much professionalism and efficiency was shown, together with top-class materials to pack books, glassware, bedding, furniture and ship it overseas to the USA. Their ward-robe hanging-boxes are top-of-the line !!


Moving to United States,
from Netherlands

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