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Moving to Spain?

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Sunbathe on the Costa del Sol, enjoy the tastiest paella or sangria and relax in the afternoon with a siesta. For you, moving to Spain is a dream come true. But there is secretly more to an international move than you expected. Let yourself be completely relieved by outsourcing your emigration to Spain to the experts at De Haan.

Why move to Spain?

You are not the first to leave for Spain and you will not be the last. It is a popular holiday country and is therefore high on the wish list of many Dutch people. Anyone considering a move to Spain has a different reason for doing so. One will move for the attractive climate, the other will emigrate for his or her work.

We are happy to list the most common reasons for moving to Spain:

  • The sunny climate;
  • The houses are generally cheaper than in the Netherlands;
  • The cost of living is lower than in the Netherlands;
  • Medical care is accessible;
  • Spanish culture is temperamental, but everything goes smoothly (mañana, mañana);
  • Attractive number of holidays
  • Traditional Spanish food is delicious and inexpensive.

As you can read, Spain is a very attractive country to move to.

Emigrate to Spain?Leave it to the professionals at De Haan

Emigrating to Spain is quite an undertaking. You must take into account the laws and regulations in the new home country, your household effects must arrive at the right place at the right time and you must also conclude all your current affairs in the Netherlands. Then we haven't even mentioned packing all your belongings, finding a suitable home and organizing a safe crossing of your household effects by plane, car or boat.

The Spanish-Dutch-speaking teams in both Marbella and Benissa have many years of experience in the local moving industry and are familiar with the specific laws and regulations in Spain.

Moving to Spain doesn't have to cause you any stress

You understand: such a move to Spain can be very stressful. For example, you have to take more things into account than if you were to move within the Netherlands. The Spanish government is less in a hurry when it comes to bureaucracy. It is therefore possible that a simple permit application takes longer than you expect. If you are going to arrange this yourself, it can cause you a lot of stress. Especially if you are not fluent in the Spanish language.

De Haan is happy to take a number of these sometimes stressful procedures off your hands. After all, we know that communication with Spanish government institutions is sometimes difficult and our partners in Spain can handle this excellently. This way you don't have to wait for months for the official documents you need to proceed with your move to a Spanish city.

Would you like:

  • a flawless transition from your life in the Netherlands to your new life in Spain?
  • Have your household effects packed and unpacked by professional movers?
  • To be sure that your valuables arrive safely at their new destination?
  • Feel right at home in your new home?
  • To be confident that you will not overlook any detail of your emigration?
  • Help in planning, organizing and starting your move to Spain?
  • Close contact with a dedicated, personal contact person who will arrange the move for you in Spain, including the parking permit?

Then the certified movers of De Haan will be happy to get to work so that you can move to Spain worry-free and risk-free. 

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What does moving to Spain cost?

All these benefits are music to your ears. Now the question remains: what does emigrating to Spain cost? The answer to the question is different for every move to Spain. Because we want to deliver the highest quality, we determine the price based on the size of the emigration, the loading location, the unloading location and your other personal wishes. Are you curious about the amount of the investment for your specific situation? Then you can request a price indication without any obligation. So you immediately know what to expect.


Is Spain cheap to live?

The costs for a home are 25 to 40% lower than for a home in the Netherlands. That's what Numbeo's numbers tell you. In addition, most living costs are also a lot cheaper than in the Netherlands. So if you want to be cheaper, Spain is a suitable location for you. It is important to know that the average monthly salary is also somewhat lower than in the Netherlands. You therefore have to spend less on your home in Spain, but you also earn less.

How much money do you need per month in Spain?

How much money you need each month to live in Spain varies by region. When you move to Barcelona, ​​you probably need more money than when you move to a village in the interior. In general, you will therefore spend less money on monthly charges in the Spanish country, especially if you compare to living in Madrid, a large city.

Moving to Spain?

Then take this into account Perhaps you make the choice to spend your old age in the warm South. Or perhaps you still need or want to work here. In addition to arranging a good international removal company to Spain, we have listed a number of tips regarding emigration to Spain for you. 

  • Work in Spain. When it comes to holiday work, the possibilities are often endless. When it comes to a permanent appointment or other career direction, good preparation is essential. Are you planning to set up your own business? Then research the experiences of Dutch entrepreneurs in Spain, before moving to Spain.
  • Your car. Do you want to move your car to Spain or do you want to move back to the Netherlands? You can read more about that in this article. You can contact us for the possibilities for your specific situation.
  • Holidays and culture. Spain has many holidays, many of which are Catholic. It is therefore a good idea to go through the most important ones in advance. The culture is also different from the Dutch. What are the Spanish customs and habits and what is the mentality? Important to know if you are considering emigrating to Spain.
  • Looking for a property in Spain. Not surprisingly, the Spanish coast is the most popular.
  • The Spanish language. Whether you are moving to Spain permanently or for a shorter period of time, learning the language is highly recommended. It is of course true that you learn the language best in the country itself, but it is also advisable to take a language course before you emigrate or move to Spain. 

More practical tips for (international) moving in general can be found on this page.

Moving from Spain to the Netherlands

Of course you can also go the opposite way. If you would like to move from Spain back to the Netherlands, take a look at the special page about this. We offer the page in Dutch, Spanish and French.

About De Haan

De Haan is a recognized removal company that specializes in international removals to and from the Netherlands. We have been moving Dutch people to all corners of the world since 1777. As a true family business, our customer comes first. With our worldwide partnerships, we can arrange your relocation all over the world for you.

De Haan relocation is therefore a reliable removal company to Spain that supports you with the entire move. From packing your moving boxes to arranging the formalities at customs. We only work with trained, skilled personnel who are attuned to each other. As a result, we get your job done on time and we can answer all your pressing questions for you.

Quality and personal communication is paramount

Every move to Spain – no matter how complicated – is tailor-made. We think along with you in every individual situation. We strive for the highest quality and will therefore discuss all actions with you in detail. No detail is overlooked and before you know it you will be enjoying your new home in sunny Spain. Would you like to read more about De Haan as a moving company to Spain? Be sure to check out our about us page.

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March 29 2024

Had a very good experience. Anything we didn't have suitable packaging for, De Haan had something for. Everything was well arranged, including a permit so they could have parking spots in front of the house. Overall, very satisfied.


Moving to Spain,
from Netherlands

February 06 2024

Communication was always clear and the teams involved in the move were super efficient. We managed to arrange the first contact, survey, collection and delivery in the south of Spain all within approx. 6 weeks, which was really helpful to relocate smoothly and as fast as possible. All went better than I expected and everything arrived intact, so thanks for an easy and super efficient move! 


Verhuizing naar Malaga, Spanje,
vanuit Leiden, Nederland

January 10 2024

I will not hesitate to recommend De Haan Relocation to everyone I meet. Everything went very smoothly; I would do exactly the same again. Excellent all-round service.


Moving to Spain,
from the Netherlands

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