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Emigrating to Spain: Pros and Cons

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Thinking about emigrating to Spain? What are the pros and cons of emigrating to Spain? You are in the process of orienting yourself, weighing the options. To make it easier for you, in this blog, we list the pros and cons of emigrating to Spain in a clear overview for you. De Haan is happy to assist in moving your precious belongings after your consideration of whether or not to move to Spain

Emigrating to Spain: Considerations

Well, why would you emigrate to Spain in the first place? For love, because of enjoyable vacations there, to seize a job opportunity, or perhaps due to dissatisfaction with your current situation? 

Every reason to emigrate to Spain comes with its own set of pros and cons. Below, we list them for you. Although it is possible that an advantage in your personal situation may be a disadvantage for emigrating to Spain. 

Emigrating to Spain: the advantages

The most common advantages of emigrating to Spain that we hear: 

  • Weather and warm climate
  • Diverse Spanish landscape
  • Affordable houses
  • Lower cost of living
  • Attractive number of holidays
  • Hospitable people and delicious Spanish cuisine
  • Rich cultural life
  • Relaxed pace of life
  • These are attractive benefits for moving to Spain.

Emigrating to Spain: the disadvantages

Every coin has two sides, and so does emigrating to Spain. The most common disadvantages that we hear from people moving back to the Netherlands from Spain: 

  • Too hot weather
  • No interest in Catholic religious festivals
  • Bureaucracy of the Spanish government, such as slow issuance of building permits
  • Mañana, mañana culture, for example, delays in new construction
  • The Spanish language
  • You see, there are certainly also disadvantages to consider when emigrating to Spain. 

Expats on emigrating to Spain: pros and cons

Spain has been topping the CBS lists for years as a popular destination with an overrepresentation of 65-year-olds and older. The warm climate and lower cost of living contribute to the enjoyment of retirement. But what specific pros and cons of emigrating to Spain are mentioned by expats, seen through their 'expat eyes'? After all, Spain ranks 5th on the top 10 best places in 2022 for expats in the renowned Expat Insider Report.

Specifically mentioned advantages of emigrating to Spain: 

  • Quality of life, with many opportunities for sports
  • Opportunities for leisure activities
  • Culture and entertainment options
  • Culinary variety and dining options
  • Availability, affordability, and quality of healthcare

Mentioned disadvantages of emigrating to Spain: 

  • Public transportation
  • Poor infrastructure for cyclists
  • Political instability
  • Safety

View the complete original report and source here: Link to the original report 

Have you carefully considered the pros and cons of emigrating to Spain?

Then it's time to make a decision and realize your move to Spain. Reliable and experienced international mover De Haan Verhuizingen is happy to take care of your move, including customs formalities. So you can start organizing other aspects of emigrating to Spain.

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