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Public holidays Spain 2024


Public holidays Spain 2024

The land of the Torro, paella and tapas has many national holidays. Curious about which holidays in Spain you will experience when you are on holiday there or when you emigrate to this country? View the overview below: Spain holidays: 2024

National holidays in Spain

This southern European country is known for its wonderful climate and lifestyle, but the number of holidays is also attractive. In 2024, for example, you will have no fewer than eight non-exchangeable public holidays. You also have extra days off per autonomous region. Which you will also benefit from when you move to this country.

National holidays Spain [2024]

  • Friday March 29 – Good Friday – Viernes Santo
  • Wednesday May 1 – Labor Day – Día del Trabajo
  • Thursday August 15 – Assumption of our Lady – Asunción de la Virgen
  • Saturday October 12 – Día de Hispanidad – Fiesta Nacional de España
  • Friday November 1 – All Saints Day – Día de Todos los Santos
  • Friday December 6 – Day of the Spanish Constitution - Día de la Constitución Española
  • Sunday December 8 – Immaculate Concepcion – Inmaculada Concepción
  • Wednesday December 25 – Christmas Day – Día de Navidad

Catholic holidays

The Spanish holidays are largely derived from the Catholic Church. For example, more than 90% of Spaniards are Catholic. This means that you will find many traditional churches and cathedrals throughout the country that are lavishly decorated. In addition, you also have a special mass per region in which a saint is celebrated extra.

Easter, Pentecost, Ascension

Logically, the Spaniards also celebrate the Catholic holidays in a big way. These will take place on the following days in 2024.

  • Saturday January 6 – Epiphany – Reyes Magos
  • Sunday March 31 and Monday April 1 – Easter – Pascua
  • Thursday May 9 – Ascension Day – Ascensión
  • Sunday 19 and Monday May 20 – Pentecost – Pentecostés

La Tomatina

Wish to smear others with tomatoes? Then travel on the last Wednesday of August to the village of Buñol near Valencia. Dress in a white outfit and you will come out as red as a tomato ;).

The Spanish culture

The Catholic Church acts as a common thread throughout the culture. But the country is known for more unique features and holidays. The Flamenco, for example, is a traditional Spanish dance that literally caused (and still does) a lot of dust. This music comes from the south of Spain.

Another controversial aspect of Spanish culture is bullfights. In Spain it is not seen as a sport, but more as an artistic performance to honor the Spanish culture. It is now banned in many states.

Moving to Spain?

Does this holiday season in Spain sound like music to your ears? Then you might want to know more about moving to Spain. De Haan relocation is happy to advise you about this country and can support you with full moving services. We have been helping others with their relocation since 1777.

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