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Emigrating to Australia is becoming more difficult

Emigreren naar Australië wordt moeilijker

Moving to Australia and New Zealand is becoming a lot harder. The countries are going to tighten their immigration conditions.

Australia and New Zealand are extremely popular for people who want to visit new places. According to figures from the National Statistics Office, 182,200 people emigrated to Australia from Europe and Asia, among others, last year.

That cannot go on, is what they say over there. "We are a nation of immigrants. But the fact remains that Australian workers must be given priority for Australian jobs, "said Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Bottleneck professions

Canberra will abolish the 457 visas, allowing foreign qualified workers to work in the country for up to four years, and replace them with two others: one that is valid for two years and one that is valid for four years. The visas will be limited to candidates practicing shortage professions, and the number of eligible jobs will fall from 651 to 435. The government hopes to fill the gaps in the Australian job market.

In addition, the visa becomes more expensive. Australia currently has 96,000 people with a 457 visa, mainly from India, Great Britain and China.

High salary

New Zealand, on the other hand, sets a lower limit for the wages of candidates applying for permanent residence. ”It is important that our immigration rules attract the right people, with the right qualifications, to fill in the real gaps and to contribute to our growing economy, "said Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse.

Highly qualified workers will only be able to come to the country if they have a job with a wage that is at least New Zealand's median salary to be eligible for a visa.

Source: Metro

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