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40 packing tips from pro's


Would you like to know how to pack your stuff for your private move within the Netherlands or Europe? And prevent your valuable items from being damaged?

Read these 40 tips from our experienced movers. During their training and years of experience, they have developed the best and most practical way to pack your goods.

Avoid doing it wrong, and read their tips. Packing is a profession, their profession!

In the e-book we deal with important questions such as:

  • How many moving boxes do I need?
  • What is the maximum weight of the filled removal box?
  • How far do I fill the box?
  • What other materials can I use to pack?
  • How do I handle glassware?
  • What is the best order to pack my things?
  • How do I deal with lamps, medicine or jewelry?

In short: many useful tips and advice to pack as well as possible for your private move within the Netherlands or Europe. For your corporate relocations and moves oversea we are pleased to assist you with our professional packing service.

Download our free e-book 40 packing tips here

Front e-book 40 packing tips De Haan relocation

Free e-book
40 packing tips for your move

Would you like to learn how to pack your stuff in the best way? And to prevent possible damage to your valuable belongings? Avoid wrong packaging and read the 40 packing tips from our experienced movers. Download this e-book here.