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Packing belongings? Check which items are not insured or even prohibited

Verboden artikelen bij verhuizing

Do you know which goods are not insured or even prohibited to move? Make sure you can tick the points below! When in doubt, always contact your Move Coordinator or us. Moving items with a special value or sensitivity must be reported to us before execution so that we can act correctly. We are happy to inform you.

The following exclusions apply to the insurance 


      1. Losses and / or damage due to own packing material

Only if you use De Haan Relocation moving boxes, pack them yourself plus leave all boxes open at the top prior to the move, so that our movers can see what is in them and whether properly packed before closing the boxes, the goods are insured in the event of demonstrable transport damage. Moving overseas should never be packed yourself. 

  1. Losses and / or damage due to own disassembly and assembly work

Self-disassembly and assembly is not insured by De Haan Relocation. 

  1. Losses and / or damage by moisture and vapor

Taking plants with you is entirely at your expense and risk, including any consequential damage.
Tip: put all outdoor furniture inside in a clean condition (at least 3 weeks), certainly via storage and / or container transport overseas, so that it can dry thoroughly to prevent mold!
Also, defrost the refrigerator and freezer at least 24 hours in advance. 

  1. Losses and / or damage by liquids

Liquids as part of your moving household goods are not covered by the relocation insurance.
Tip: Don't forget to empty the water tank for your iron and coffee machine before moving! 
If you have a printer: take out the ink cartridges. The ink cartridges are liquid and are not covered by the removal insurance. Cleaning products, toiletries and bottles of drinks, for example, also fall under this. Also not covered: possible consequential damage due to leakage. 

  1. Losses and / or damage due to food & perishable goods

Losses or damage due to additional perishables, solvents, etc., regardless of their nature, are not covered by the relocation insurance. 

  1. Damage and loss of jewelery and valuable papers

Take jewelery and securities with you as hand luggage. Jewelry and securities are not covered by the relocation insurance and may not be taken in the moving truck. 

   7. Chandelier without crate

For a chandelier, we strongly recommend that we have a separate measuring crate made by us at an additional cost so that it can be transported correctly and without damage. Moving the chandelier is not insured without a crate.

Internationally Prohibited Goods. Under no circumstances pack these items!

Changes in temperature and pressure of flammable or highly flammable liquids and aerosols can cause leakage or even explosion. If you do pack them up and they injure people, you are liable!

  • Firearms, weapons, ammunition, explosives of any type
  • Narcotics, drugs and related substances
  • Tobacco / cigarettes
  • Obscene literature, pornographic material
  • Animal items and Flora & Fauna objects such as ivory, horns, shells, fur
  • Precious metals and stones, mineral samples
  • Toiletries and cosmetics containing alcohol, pressurized liquids (e.g. but not limited to hairspray, deodorant, aerosol sprays, perfumes, etc.)
  • Corrosive substances (e.g., but not limited to cleaning fluids, bleach, acids, household chemicals, drain cleaner, rust removers, or instruments containing mercury / battery fluid, such as mercury barometers or thermometers)
  • Flammable or highly flammable materials (e.g., lighter liquids, perfume, matches, briquettes, paint, chemicals), including devices with embedded lithium-ion batteries, e.g. E-bikes, E-scooter, cell phones, laptops, tablets or Hoover boards
  • Human remains or ashes

Tip: If you want to bring appliances that normally run on gasoline, such as lawn mowers and motorcycles, make sure that the tank of the appliance is completely empty. 

General other exclusions

  • Damages caused by war risks, floods or nuclear accidents
  • Consequential damage, i.e. other damage than to the insured goods
  • Damage due to delay, government / customs seizure
  • Damage to living goods, for example the quality of wine ü Internal damage to electrical or electronic devices.

Country specific items

In addition to the aforementioned generally internationally prohibited goods, some countries may additionally prohibit certain goods. For example, but not exclusively:
Russia      - art collections (paintings, sculptures)
Mexico     - auto spare parts and wheels
Singapore - chewing gum
Australia   - meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, plants and seeds, herbs and spices
Japan       - counterfeit products.

You can consult the complete overview of all pr ohibited goods in your personal household effects per country here:
This listing is provided as a courtesy and for reference only. It is not guaranteed to be complete. Should you require further information, please contact us or your local carrier prior to shipment.

When in doubt, contact us

Should you have any questions or comments regarding insurance, kindly contact your assigned Move Coordinator or us. We can assist you at any time.
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