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7 considerations around the home workplace

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From emergency solution to temporary to perhaps structural… This is the best way to describe the situation in which we all now find ourselves in the working Netherlands. As a moving company, we see that working from home requires everyone to adapt. We move companies every day, redesign workplaces at the office and at home, take care of storage in our safe warehouse and our handyman disassemble and assemble a lot these days!

At the start of this new year, therefore, seven considerations surrounding the home workplace. We are happy to share them with you: 

  1. Work as ergonomically as possible

Now that corona is going to last longer than we might have thought, working in a bad posture can cause neck and shoulder complaints. Together with your employer, arrange for a back and arm supporting office chair and a table height and screen placement that suit you. 

  1. Provide as much daylight or good lighting as possible

Too much or too little light, nothing is more annoying than looking at your screen. Not only does it cause squinting, it can even be counterproductive, because light regulates our rhythm, among other things. Try to have as much natural light as possible in your home workplace. This also ensures the production of vitamins. If that doesn't work, invest in good lighting.

  1. Exercise to stay healthy

Sitting still for a long time is bad for the lower back in particular. So get up regularly, walk, do some neck and shoulder exercises and take a deep breath. You will find that you feel better at the end of the day if you give yourself a break every now and then. This also benefits your focus and concentration.

      4. Bring nature indoors

Plants, who doesn't get happy from them? As a result, but also because plants provide us with oxygen, contribute to your productivity and inspiration. We already have them at the office at De Haan relocation, but they should also not be missing at your home workplace. Or, maybe go and work in the garden shed? 

  1. Create more space where possible

A tidy workplace provides peace of mind and thus contributes to your productivity. Think about how you can create storage space. In addition, tidy up your home workplace as you would at the office. This way you start the next day fresh and without annoyance. 

  1. Take on that job and DIY

Have you come to the conclusion that you really have too many things and a shortage of facilities to be able to work from home effectively and pleasantly? Maybe tackle that office, do-it-yourself job or renovation.

Let De Haan relocation help you. Sometimes a little extra space is useful for DIY or renovations. We will disassemble, pack, collect, provide temporary storage in our secure warehouse and bring it back to you. Disassembly - and later assembly - and packing of furniture is routine for our movers. We do it quickly, professionally and without damage. For example, we also pack entire bookcases.
Handy if you want to immediately provide the wall behind it with a new color of paint. That saves you time, gives you less worry and more space to do odd jobs. So handy, right?
Tip: if you let us take care of all the work, we can also offer you an all-risk transport and storage insurance. 

  1. Or maybe move?

Now that in the office is no longer the only business workplace, working partly from home and partly in the office may well become the new mix. What does this mean to you?

Do you want to work from a different workplace to reduce the stress of working from home? Given the low interest rates and possible equity, are you therefore thinking about moving to a place with more room for working from home?

As a professional moving company, we are happy to assist you with our private and commercial relocation services. Even if, for example, you can sell your house or office well, but do not yet have a new house or office. In that case, we will pack and load the relocation goods that you do not need for a while and store your goods safely in our storage hall. We deliver the rest where and when you wish. Moving is custom work!