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Challenges when moving to Switzerland

Moving to Switzerland Zurich

With the prestige of being one of the world’s best expat countries, Switzerland holds the highest living standards and the population over here comprises of sophisticated multi-lingual people. It is because of the culture, environment, law and order situation and the beauty of this land that most of the businesses tend to relocate to Switzerland. However, in addition to these attractions comes a stressful procedure and numerous considerable too which are mentioned here. If you are not following the right procedure, then you might be in some hectic problems so it is really important to hire the right relocation company’s services before starting to move to Switzerland.

So what are these challenges?

1. Place to live

It will absolutely be right to call Switzerland a landlord’s market. In the main cities, very often the demand of land surpasses the availability and for a single apartment, there may be over 50 applications. Here, the role of a good relocation business comes into play. In order to make sure that your application for the apartment comes on top of the pile, your relocation agent should be a registered member of the Swiss Association of Relocation Agents, following the comprehensive code of conduct. A good relocation agent will guide you properly through the entire process and will help you through his extensive contacts with the landlords. This way, the expats can secure the home they want.

2. Work permits

If a European citizen wants to emigrate to Switzerland, he or she needs to have an employment contract and apartment lease before he makes his application. However, for a non-European citizen, the relocation firms have to ensure many different things other than a job and rental contract because they have to face the quota system.

In this case, the relocation business will have to do proper prior planning and start the process several months ago, as the Ministry of Labour will need to approve the application of emigrant and it takes time. For all the companies who tend to move their employees to Switzerland will have to hire the best relocation company for solving these hectic issues.

3. An interesting problem for relocation firms and the companies moving to Switzerland

There is an interesting problem encountered by both the companies which are moving to Switzerland, and the relocation firms who are responsible for completing the documentation procedure of all the employees. This issue is related to the couples. Long gone are the days when spouses were alright with their husband working abroad. Now, there is a dual-career couple generation and the relocation business and companies, both have to cope with it. Thus, an interesting focus of relocation firms is to find work or other activity like further study for the partners of employees too.

Source: 3 challenges for relocating Expats to Switzerland

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Ebook international moving

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Practical tips in preparation, advice for the choice of a moving company, insights in moving costs, and tips for saving on moving.