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Where to live in Spain? We list the most beautiful places for you.

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Spain remains a favorite living destination for Dutch. Are you increasingly considering the idea of where you would like to live in Spain?  In that case, you'll definitely want to consult this blog. It contains, a list, though certainly not exhaustive of the most beautiful places to live in Spain. 

We hope that this information contributes to your search for answers to make your dream of moving to Spain come true! Our internationally recognized moving company is here to help you. 


Well, where to live in Spain? In the 2022 expat city ranking, Valencia ranks first out of 50 cities. Valencia scores particularly well in this Internations report on the quality of life, numerous leisure opportunities, friendly people, and affordable living. Therefore, it's not surprising that modern Valencia scores well as a potential place to live in Spain. With its beach, museums, parks, historic districts, and countless activities, it is pleasant and relatively inexpensive to live in the city and the province of the same name. 


If a lively social life is an important criterion for where to live in Spain, then the Spanish capital, Madrid, might be your choice. The welcoming feeling people get in Madrid is a significant factor. Not only is the weather and climate pleasant, but the people make you feel very welcome and quickly integrate you into local life. The nightlife is diverse, and the culinary choices are considerable! 


Are you still wondering where to live in Spain? Catalonia ticks many boxes in this regard. Catalonia is a significant wine region where the famous sparkling wine Cava is produced. Located just below the border with Southern France, it has a central location, with the greener Costa Brava being more rugged than the coasts further south in Spain. With its beautiful Pyrenees, Catalonia is fascinating if you enjoy outdoor activities. 

The beautiful capital of Catalonia, Barcelona, should not be missing from a list of potential places to live in Spain. Vibrant, with a rich history and many monumental buildings in lively neighborhoods, Barcelona offers a lot to make it your new home. 

The Coasts in Southern Spain

If enjoying a warm climate all year round is your motivation for wondering where to live in Spain, the more southern Spanish coasts might be your favorite spots. All located on the Mediterranean coast with its many beaches, the South Spanish coasts such as the popular Costa Blanca, Costa Calida, or Costa del Sol in Andalusia offer a sunny climate with a wide choice of places to live in Spain. Whether it's the popular Malaga or a more idyllic natural village like Cadaqués or Altea, the choice is yours! 

The Spanish Islands: Ibiza, Mallorca, and the Canary Islands

If you find living on an island and its associated rhythm attractive, the Spanish islands might be your place. The question of where to live in Spain is then also answered more quickly. If you love waves and a beautiful beach to enjoy, the busy Tenerife is certainly worth considering as a place to live in Spain. 

Northern Spain

Looking for a greener region in Spain to live? Perhaps cooler Northern Spain is worth considering. You can enjoy living in cooler Spain in a region that has a lot to offer, such as the mountains and valleys of Picos de Europa, Asturias (Costa Verde), Galicia, Cantabria, Navarre, or the beautiful Spanish La Rioja region. For example, Bilbao could be the ideal place for you to live in Northern Spain. It is certainly cooler than in the southern coasts of Spain! However, keep in mind that San Sebastian in the Basque Country is more expensive to live in than the average city in Spain. 

Where do most Dutch people live in Spain?

The Valencia region is where most Dutch people live in Spain. In 2022, almost 17,000 Dutch people chose this as a place to live in Spain, with 14,000 Dutch people in the province of Alicante. 

Have you made your decision on where to live in Spain? Need help?

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