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How to apply for a residence permit in the United States

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Applying for a residence permit for your new home country? De Haan is happy to help you

Do you need to apply for a residence permit for your new home country? Then of course you want to know how best to do that. Where should you be when you are going to emigrate to Australia, Canada or the United States? We tell you in our blog. For some countries you must apply for a new residence permit before you can emigrate. This visa allows you to work and live in your new home country. In some countries, this process is very complicated. That is why we are writing this blog to give you more information.

Apply for a residence permit for the United States

If you want to move to America you must get a Green Card. This is a permanent residency card issued to you by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. You qualify for this if you:

  • are related to someone with an American nationality;
  • are engaged or married to someone with a US nationality before moving work to America;
  • are a religious worker;
  • works for international organizations such as the United Nations;
  • are a status holder, asylum seeker or refugee.

When you move for work, the US government distinguishes three categories. If you fall under the first category, the chance that you have a Green Card is much higher.

  • First immigrant preference: you have an extraordinary profession (researcher, manager of a multinational company. professor).
  • Second immigrant preference: you have a oprofession for which you finished higher education or your work is of national importance to the United States.
  • Third immigrant preference: u heeft een bachelor opleiding of ten minste twee jaar werkervaring in het beroep dat u beoefent.

Applying for a permanent residence permit for the United States is done via an immigration petition. This request must be made by a sponsor, such as your fiancé in America or your new employer. Once approved, you can apply for the Green Card. You may also qualify for the Electronic Diversity Visa Program in which immigrants from certain countries can receive priority access to a residence permit to promote cultural diversity in the country.

Applying residency permit Canada

Are you moving to CanadaIn that case, too, you must apply for a permanent residence permit. This visum is called a Skilled Worker visa. They work in this country with a points system. You get more points if you: 

  • are young (the younger you are, the more points you get);

  • has a diploma or a lot of work experience;
  • has a good knowledge of the English (and French) language;
  • can adapt easily, for example if your partner also has good English;
  • can or if you have previously worked or studied in Canada;
  • are healthy (a medical examination is mandatory);
  • received an offer from a Canadian employer.

Applying for a residence permit for Canada proceeds in two steps. You will only pass the first screening when you have collected at least 67 points. After that, the application will continue for you.

Residency permit Australia

Applying for a residence permit for Australia can also be complicated. There are several types of residence permits: skilled migrant visa, skilled independent visa and skilled nominated visa. But they often have the same requirements.

You can apply for a residence permit if you meet this requirement

U mag wonen en werken met een skilled migrant visum, maar u komt alleen in aanmerking voor deze verblijfsvergunning wanneer u iets gaat bijdragen aan de Australische economie. Zo moet u aan de volgende eisen voldoen: 

  • You can live and work with a skilled migrant visa, but you are only eligible for this residence permit if you are going to contribute something to the Australian economy. For example, you must meet the following requirements:
  • You are between 18 and 45 years old;
  • Your occupation or that of your partner is on the Australian Occupation List;
  • You have a diploma and enough work experience for your profession. The Australian government has drawn up requirements for this per profession;
  • You score enough points in the Australian points system; You speak English at a level (this must be tested);
  • You are in good health and do not have a criminal record (the latter also applies to all residence permit applications).

Help with emigrating? Let De Haan help you

Does this sound a bit complicated to you? We get that. That is why at De Haan we take care of your international relocation related to your emigration. This way you can apply for a residence permit for your new home country in peace. In the meantime, we pack your belongings and move them to your new location. Feel free to contact us for more information.