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How to arrange an Australia visa


Apply for an Australia visa? De Haan explains how to do this

Australia is a popular destination, and anyone wishing to stay in Australia, whether short or long term, is required to apply for a visa unless you have Australian or New Zealand nationality.

Therefore, you naturally want to know how to best arrange a visa for Australia. We are happy to provide you with more information on obtaining an Australian visa in this blog.

Is a visa mandatory in Australia?

In Australia, you must apply for a visa before you can immigrate. It can be quite challenging to enter Australia because there are very strict requirements for applying for an Australian visa.

Applying for an Australia visa: a complicated process

Each immigration situation may require a different visa, so be sure to look into this. De Haan Relocation cannot arrange an Australian visa for you, but we can assist with the move to Australia via sea freight and/or partially by air freight. This blog about applying for an Australian visa is intended to help you get started and is for informational purposes only. Consider asking a migration agency to assist you with the complete application procedure, as arranging a visa for Australia can be a complex process.

Tip: Find a job before applying for your visa; this increases the chances of success.

Multiple types of visas

If you are between 18 and 30 years old, you can easily visit Australia for up to one year and work legally in Australia with the help of an Australia Working Holiday Visa. However, it is a requirement that traveling is your main purpose for this visit, such as with a gap year trip.

With a free Visitor Visa, or eVisitor Australia visa, you can vacation in Australia for up to 3 months, regardless of your age. Working is explicitly not allowed with this visa. If you stay on vacation longer, it will cost money.

If you plan to visit Australia for business, such as a conference or business negotiations, request a free Business eVisitor Visa.

Visa when immigrating to Australia

Because you cannot just immigrate to Australia, there are also several types of work or residency permits: Skilled Migrant Visa, Skilled Independent Visa, and Skilled Nominated Visa. Often, these visas have the same (stringent) requirements.

Meet these requirements, and you can apply for a visa in Australia

You are allowed to live and work with an Australia Skilled Migrant Visa, but you are only eligible for this work or residency permit if you are going to contribute to the Australian economy.

So, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You are between 18 and 45 years old.
  • Your profession or that of your partner is on Australia's occupation list.
  • You have a diploma and enough work experience for your professional group. The Australian government has established requirements for each profession.
  • You score enough points in the Australian points system.
  • You speak English at a certain level (this must be tested).
  • You are in good health and have no criminal record (the latter applies to all residency permit applications).

However, be aware that the (stringent) rules are quite specific, and the conditions for an Australian visa are subject to continuous change! Always check the most recent information on the Australian government's immigration website.

Applied for an Australia visa? De Haan helps you move

Does this sound a bit complicated to you? We understand. That's why at De Haan, we take care of the move related to your immigration. This way, you can calmly apply for an Australia visa for your new home country. In the meantime, we will carefully and lovingly pack your goods to be moved!

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