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Living and working abroad

Wonen en werken in het buitenland_ De Haan Verhuizingen

Are you considering taking the leap and living and working abroad? Then this article is definitely for you! At De Haan Relocation, we understand the excitement and challenges that come with moving abroad. After all, we experience it every day. 

In this blog, we offer the best tips before embarking on this exciting adventure of living and working abroad. 

1.     Prepare Thoroughly

Living and working abroad is an exciting adventure that attracts many people. It offers new cultural experiences, career opportunities, international work experience, and personal growth. Before you depart, it's essential to conduct thorough research.

Each country has its own rules and procedures. It's important to meet all criteria before starting your international adventure, so always check this thoroughly for each country. 

Living and Working Within Europe

  • Customs: Usually, you don't need to declare anything to customs when moving between different countries within the European Union.
  • Visa and Work Permit: If you're a national of an EU country, no work permit is needed within Europe.
  • Housing: We're happy to assist you with moving within Europe.once you found your new home.

Living and Working Outside Europe

  • Customs: Here, you'll deal with customs declarations from the exporting country, any transit countries (if you're moving overland), and the customs of the country where you'll be living.
  • Visa and Work Permit: Usually required before you can work.
  • Housing: Our experienced team is ready to help you move to an overseas destination, from and to any country worldwide, including customs formalities and transportation by road, sea, or air freight once you have found your new home. 

2.     Embrace Cultural Adaptation

Living in a new culture can be challenging, even if you have travel experience. It's important to be open to new traditions, norms, and values. Consider aspects like work culture and workplace hierarchy. It can be helpful to research the culture of the country you're moving to in advance and perhaps take a language course to facilitate communication, especially if you'll be working abroad. 

3.     Explore New Career Opportunities

Living and working abroad can offer career development, but it's also important to consider potential challenges. This may include adapting to a new work culture, finding suitable jobs, and building a professional network. It can be helpful to reach out to local recruiters, international organizations, or expat communities for advice and support in finding work abroad. Once found, our experienced moving team is happy to assist with your relocation, including customs guidance, to make it less stressful for you. 

4.    Create a Detailed Financial Plan

Living and working abroad comes with financial implications, such as work permits, housing costs, living expenses, and health insurance. It's important to create a detailed budget and consider currency fluctuations and the cost of living in the new country. 

5.    Ensure Good Healthcare and Insurance

Access to quality healthcare is a crucial consideration when living and working abroad. Research the healthcare system of your new country and ensure you have the appropriate insurance to cover any medical expenses. 

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At De Haan International Movers, we're ready to assist you at every step of your international move, including our in-house customs guidance. With our high-quality, comprehensive moving service and excellent customer satisfaction ratings, you can explore the world with peace of mind. 

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