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Moving abroad

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Will you soon be moving abroad to live, work and live? Whatever reasons you have for emigrating abroad, you are most likely busy mapping out everything related to your anticipated move to the new country.

Moving abroad

It does not matter whether you have just decided to move abroad or whether you are already a lot further in arranging emigration: at De Haan you have come to the right place to help you with the step you have taken to move abroad.

Do you want to move abroad? Then you probably have a lot of questions

Every day we receive many questions from people who are considering moving abroad. After all, so much is going to change for you. It is true that no two moves abroad are the same, but the scenarios that people are concerned related to moving abroad often are.

For example, questions such as:

  • I live in the center of a busy city. Can you arrange a parking permit at my loading address and my unloading address abroad?
  • What are the customs formalities that I will encounter when moving abroad?
  • I'm worried about whether a moving van can reach my address
  • I have a special collection. Can that be included in the household effects to be moved?
  • Which administrative matters do I have to arrange when moving abroad?
  • Which period do I have to take into account?
  • Moving abroad gives me stress. How long are all customs formalities going to take?
  • How do I organize my household goods?
  • How long does sea freight take? And air freight?
  • There is still a lot of uncertainty around our new house. What if it takes longer?

So know that you are not alone in your questions and challenges about moving abroad! 

De Haan relocation is happy to help you with the answers to these questions and the implementation in this exciting time. Our team is here to help you move abroad with care and personal attention!

I would like a talk with a relocation consultant

Moving abroad? Make it as comfortable as possible

Moving abroad means saying goodbye to your friends and family, the neighborhood you live in, maybe school and job. Something that is definitely not easy. At the same time, this also involves a lot of paperwork, such as the tax authorities, RDW, your insurance policies and deregistration from the Municipal Personal Records Database. Fortunately, you can make it as comfortable as possible for yourself by outsourcing the relocation to a reliable mover with a wide range of supporting moving services such as De Haan relocation.

Quickly feel at home after moving abroad

De Haan gladly supports you when you move abroad. We ensure that your household goods arrive safely in your new home country and our committed move coordinators will guide you step by step through the entire process of moving abroad. They are only too happy to help you with their experience. Plus, the sooner you have your own belongings, the sooner you will feel at home in your new environment. Then this new chapter in your life can really begin.

Moving abroad without the worries

It does not matter where the move takes place, De Haan assists you in every country around the world. You don't have to worry about choosing an international moving company, because De Haan is happy to take on all these tasks. Thanks to our international partner network with moving companies, we can help you move to any country in the world, but also from France to Switzerland, for example. Even if you want to move back to the Netherlands from abroad, we are ready to take care of all the arrangements for you. Wherever the move is going, your belongings are safe with De Haan relocation!

A move abroad without hassle at customs

When you decide to move abroad, you may come into contact with strict customs in some countries. Of course you want everything to run smoothly, but since the rules are sometimes complicated, it can cause a lot of stress. Not if you call De Haan relocation. For us, emigration is a daily occurrence. Because we come into contact with the documents required by the various customs every day, we can assist you very well in this area. De Haan is also AEO certified so that you can move to your new home country without any hassle at customs.

Move abroad? We can arrange this for you

A move abroad can be a lot of arrangements. Not if you opt for De Haan's international relocation services. We ensure that you can expect your belongings at the desired location as soon as possible. But that's not all, because we also take care of the following tasks for you:

You see: you can confidently hand over your move abroad to the reliable movers of De Haan relocation. We ensure a carefree move abroad.

Experiences with moving abroad

We attach great importance to the opinion of our customers about the service we offer when moving abroad. Read the experiences of our customers in recent years, sorted by moving destination and date.

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