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Moving with pets

verhuizen met huisdieren

Do you own a pet and are you moving? Does this make you anxious? A move isn't just stressful for you and all people involved, but definitely for your pet as well. Many animals are very sensitive to stress, so a good preperation can prevent a lot of disaster.

Key things when moving pets

We often deal with special situations when it concerns moving pets. Most of our employees love pets themselves and therefore we have collected some of the key points to keep in mind. You can find them listed below, sorted per kind of animal.

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Moving with dogs or cats

Talk to your vet about the preparations. It could for example be smart to give your pets all the shots they need or will need soon before the move. A medical report in English is a good thing to have as well. That way your new vet will be informed about the health of your pet.

Dogs and cats are very sensitive to stress. For the trip it is important to take the right precautions and prepare yourself and your pet well. It is a big change in location, and your pets - just like humans - need time to get used to this.

Moving with rabbits or guinea-pigs

Depending on the health of your pet, the medical report is important. Getting used to their new environment also plays a part here, although guinea-pigs and rabbits are less sensitive to change and stress than dogs or cats are. 

Moving with birds

When it concerns birds, the medical passport is important. There might be requirements regarding shots or certificates at your new destination. Birds are sensitive to stress as well, be weary of that.

Moving with fish

The health of your fish is heavily affected by change of environment and movement. Be prepared for this, during transport as well.

Requirements per country

Moving pets has different rules and requirements in every country. It is important to be informed about these rules in your country of destination before the move. De Haan can help you with this. 

For more information, please download our Ebook 'Moving With Pets'.

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Moving with pets

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