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The importance of good moving boxes for a stress-free move

Het belang van goede verhuisdozen- de zekerheid van De Haan

Using high-quality moving equipment that protects your valuable items is an important part of a stress-free move.

The importance of good moving boxes for a stress-free move

All moving companies will tell you: what fits in a moving box should be transported in a moving box. This prevents loose items from swinging through the moving truck and breaking or damaging other valuable moving objects.

De Haan's safe moving boxes

Moving boxes are available in many places, but beware: cheap often turns out to be expensive! When you let De Haan relocation take care of your move, it goes without saying that you are dealing with good quality moving boxes. Naturally, packing with care, attention and expertise is also of great importance. 

De Haan moving boxes:

  • Are very sturdy and can be optimally filled and stacked thanks to their stability;
  • Provide sturdy handles on the side of the moving box;
  • Ensure good protection through their stability during the move;
  • Are available in different sizes and shapes. Depending on the items, they provide organization;
  • Support a good cause. Read more about the collaboration between the Food Bank and De Haan to alleviate poverty through the use of our Food Bank box;
  • Have a longer lifespan than regular moving boxes and are then recycled by us where possible.

You read it, you can count on De Haan moving boxes. We do not sell our moving boxes separately.

At least 70% from FSC responsibly managed forests or recycling

De Haan's moving boxes have been chosen deliberately. Our moving boxes are not only of high moving quality, they are also certified sustainable. You can see this in the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) - quality marks that are now printed on all our moving boxes. FSC certification supports responsible forest management. This way you can see that your De Haan moving boxes come from sustainably managed forests and are therefore an instrument against deforestation. At FSC-Mix, the moving box comes for at least 70% from FSC responsibly managed forests or recycling.

Chain of Custody (CoC) guarantees sustainability in the chain

The entire trajectory of the tree, being the source, removing it from the forest to the user of products containing wood, has many different links. This is also referred to as the Chain of Custody, or CoC for short. Think of forest management itself, the sawmill, the manufacturer who makes products from sawn wood such as paper, cardboard or boxes and the consumer who buys a product. Certification of every link in this chain makes it easier to understand and handle wood responsibly and sustainably. Near and far.

The benefits of FSC and CoC moving boxes

When all links in the chain from forest to consumer are certified, only the immediately preceding link in the chain needs to be checked. In its purchasing policy, De Haan relocation makes conscious choices that fit in with our sustainability policy. That is why we choose FSC-certified moving boxes. Our ambition is to take the step towards CoC packaging, because social and sustainable are important to us at De Haan. We are working on this together with our suppliers. 

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