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Tips for an international move

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We’ve collected information from our clients and team of experts, noting the most important and useful tips and recommendations to help you be better prepared for your move. We hope it contributes to reducing your stress preparing international moving.

Moving to a foreign country means arranging a lot of affairs. Things like getting a visa and a work permit, perhaps finding a job abroad, buying a house with a mortgage or renting something with a good contract, finding a new school for your kids, preparing the relocation of your pets, taking care of your taxes in both your origin country and your future home, opening a bank account, getting a health insurance in your country of destination, etc. And these are only the very first steps if you plan on moving abroad. Yes, it is a lot of work. To help you with this, please read our Relocation Checklist.

Besides all these things you have to take care of, there is the actual move as well. The moving of your personal belongings has to be arranged thoroughly too. 

Free Ebook International Relocation

To help you with the preparations for this, we have developed the International Relocation e-book. Please read this through, you might find it helpful. We touch on the following topics:

  • How early on should you secure your move?
  • What should you keep in mind when choosing an international relocation company?
  • What are the most important risks when moving internationally?
  • What decides the moving price when moving internationally?
  • What do the charges for an international move consist of?
  • How can you save money when moving abroad?

An important guide with information about everything regarding international moves.

Download the free Ebook International Relocation here

Ebook international moving

Free e-book
Tips on International Moving

Practical tips in preparation, advice for the choice of a moving company, insights in moving costs, and tips for saving on moving.