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Do you want to move to Germany? Then your head is jammed full of questions. How does emigrating to Germany work and what matters do you have to arrange? De Haan is happy to tell you all about moving to Germany, but we also explain what you can expect from living in Germany. Think for example of schnitzels and the Oktoberfest. In short, you can read everything about emigration on this page.

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Can you just move to Germany?

Can I live in Germany as a Dutch citizen? You certainly can. Since Germany, like the Netherlands, is a member of the European Union, you do not need to apply for a visa. This makes moving to Germany a lot easier. However, you must register with your new municipality in Germany. You will also need proof of deregistration from your current municipality and proof of identity.

Is it possible to move to Germany without work?

Are you currently unemployed, but still want to emigrate to Germany? Then it may be a bit more difficult for you to emigrate to Germany. You must be able to prove that you have income. If you are currently receiving AOW or WAO, you can take this benefit with you to your new home country, as this also counts as income. Unfortunately, this does not apply to unemployment benefits or social assistance benefits.

What do you need to move to Germany?

What should you do if you move to Germany? In any case, you must notify both municipalities of the move to Germany. What do you have to arrange if you are going to live in Germany, you ask? You must also take out German health insurance. This is compulsory, just like in the Netherlands. Moving to Germany, what to arrange? With our 'Moving to Germany checklist' you will not miss any important steps:

  • Have you deregistered in the Netherlands?
  • Do you have German health insurance?
  • Have you registered with your new German municipality?
  • Have you opened a German bank account?
  • Have you arranged all matters that change in the field of taxes and allowances (for example with a tax advisor)?
  • Have you arranged everything to move your car to Germany?
  • Do you already have a German doctor in mind in your area?
  • Have you already canceled all current Dutch subscriptions?

Emigrate to Germany pro's and con's

Living in Germany has advantages and disadvantages, that makes sense. But what are the disadvantages of living in Germany? And what are the advantages of living in Germany? We list them here for you.

Advantages living in Germany

  • The houses are generally cheaper than in the Netherlands

  • VAT is lower in Germany than in the Netherlands

  • Mortgage payments are lower Road tax is cheaper than in the Netherlands

  • There is still enough space to build your own house

  • Groceries are cheaper than in the Netherlands

  • Health care is very well organized in Germany

  • There is beautiful nature

Disadvantages living in Germany

  • Electricity, energy and water costs are higher in Germany than in the Netherlands

  • In Germany there is still a lot of bureaucracy, which means that administrative matters (especially in the government sector) are put on hold for longer

  • There is a penalty clause with the mortgage (if you pay off your mortgage earlier than the agreed date, you will receive a penalty)

  • Insurance costs more money in Germany

What does moving to Germany cost?

Moving to Germany naturally entails costs. Especially when you choose a special moving company in Germany. Depending on where you are moving to in Germany, you can get your belongings from A to B with a removal van or large bus. However, you often have to go up and down a number of times to get everything from your old home to the new location.

Is the distance so great that it is almost impossible to bridge? Then it is wise to emigrate to Germany with a moving company. Such an international moving company can take your belongings to the new location with a large moving truck. They also do this in a very professional manner. That is extra nice if you have a lot of valuables such as precious works of art or heirlooms that you want to emigrate to Germany in one piece and undamaged anyway.

Curious about what emigrating to Germany with the help of a moving company like De Haan Verhuizingen will cost you? Please feel free to request a price indication or contact us for a non-binding offer.

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Living in Germany: you can expect this

What can you actually expect to live in Germany as a Dutch citizen? We are happy to give you an indication of German culture and society.

The German culture

Germany is known for its Christmas markets, currywurst and schnitzels. The food consists of a lot of potatoes and meat. Germans are also very punctual people. The majority of Germans always arrive on time or rather five minutes early. That's what they expect from you when you move in there! Cars are also important in Germany. You can easily notice this in the quality of the German cars. Furthermore, our neighboring country is known for the Autobahn where you do not have a maximum speed in some parts. Good to know is that most Germans consider Sunday as a day of rest. That is why many shops are closed on the Day of the Lord. Don't forget to bring cash with you. In Germany it is still quite normal to pay for your groceries with cash.

Living in Germany working in the Netherlands

Many Dutch people choose to live in Germany and continue to work in the Netherlands. Why? Because it is cheaper to live in Germany. In addition, for the price of a house in the Netherlands you often get a larger house and more land around it. That makes it an interesting emigration to Germany for many. Especially when you work in a city or village on the border of Germany and the Netherlands.

Living in German border region

When you live in the border region of the Netherlands and Germany, you can enjoy life in the Netherlands and life in Germany. This way you can benefit from the cheaper costs of groceries in Germany and still go to an amusement park in the Netherlands or continue to work in the Netherlands. The choice is yours.

The best place to live in Germany

What is the best place to live in Germany? Every Germany enthusiast will answer that question differently. In general, most Dutch people choose a place in the West of Germany. This is because Germany borders with the Netherlands. Nice German cities to live in are: Berlin, Munich, Cologne and Aachen.

Is Germany cheaper to live?

Living in Germany is slightly cheaper in terms of living costs than in the Netherlands. This is also the reason why many Dutch people who live on the border with Germany choose to do their shopping in this country. This is therefore a good reason for you to move to Germany.

Emigrate to Germany? De Haan helps you further

Have you made the decision and are you going to emigrate to Germany soon? Then you can probably use some assistance with that. At De Haan we like to think along with you and we can take care of the entire relocation to Germany for you. Or well, just the practical part. You have to arrange all the administration yourself, but we can take over all matters concerning the packing and unpacking of your household effects and their relocation. This will save you a lot of worry and stress.

Would you like to meet the De Haan team? Contact us without obligation. Or feel free to request a price indication so that you know what to expect from us. Have you got your eye on another country? Feel free to read more about moving abroad with De Haan here.

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Worryfree moving to Germany

De Haan handles international removals on a daily basis. A move to or from Germany is no problem for us. De Haan is the right place for both complete and small household effects. Did you know that we can also help and guide you if you move from Germany to the Netherlands, or if you choose to move from Germany to another country? De Haan's relocation specialists are ready to relieve you of your worries. Your household effects will be professionally packed, loaded and then delivered to your new home. Your personal relocation coordinator will guide you through the entire relocation process, from A to Z. We are ready, are you? Carefree, reliable and professional moving with De Haan.

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