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News about De Haan

Our team works on improvement every day.  Because it matters to us. 


Feest! Jannes Zijlstra viert 50 jaar dienstverband

Vandaag, 1 juli 2024, vieren we een buitengewone mijlpaal: Jannes Zijlstra is 50 jaar in dienst

De Haan Spain

Did you know that De Haan Relocation has 2 locations in Spain itself? This offers you 6 great advantages.

Wencke en Hugo_ Forum Expatriate Management_ De Haan relocation

Do we see you at FEM Amsterdam March 1, 2024?

De Haan will be present again at the Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM) Global Mobility Congress in Amsterdam. Feel free to approach De Haan for specialized Global Mobility queries.

IAM Annual Conference Oct 2024

IAM Toronto: we truly look forward to meet you

Linda Rovekamp, COO and Barbara Monnier, Move Manager, are truly looking forward to meet you October 9-12, 2023 in Toronto.

8th generation owner Michiel de Haan will lead De Haan Relocation

8th generation owner Michiel de Haan will lead De Haan Relocation

As of October 1st, 2023, the leadership of De Haan Relocation will change. Wouter Hijzen, CEO since 2017, has decided in good consultation with the owner to undertake new endeavors elsewhere.

FIDI FaimPLUS certification De Haan relocation, Netherlands

De Haan sailed with flying colors through FIDI FAIMPLUS audit

CEO Wouter Hijzen elaborates: “We are happy with this performance. Without a doubt, I can confirm that this certificate rewards our commitment to the highest quality standards and strives for global expertise working with a supply chain network that works to the same exacting standards ”.

Logo Relocate the Profit _ de Haan proud member of

Relocate the Profit: doing better together

When recently learning about the fantastic ‘Relocate the Profit’ initiative, we wholeheartedly aligned with the spirit of it and joined hands with other global companies related to the job we all love so much.

De Haan at FIDI Conference Bangkok March 2023

De Haan in Bangkok

Wouter Hijzen (CEO), Linda Rovekamp (COO) and Lisa Huijgen (Move Manager Partner Desk) will represent De Haan relocation at the upcoming FIDI congres March 26 - 29, 2023 in Bangkok.

Stichting Waterpas voor schoon drinkwater Cas en Michiel De Haan_ De Haan Verhuizingen

Visit to Kenya Sponsor Project

De Haan has been a partner of the Waterpas Foundation for 15 years, which provides clean drinking water to over 20,000 schoolchildren daily, resulting in significantly fewer water-related diseases.

IMA Bali 2023_De Haan-1

Sustainability in Mobility

As an internationally certified and recognized relocation and relocation specialist, we truly look forward to discussing sustainability in mobility trends and challenges facing our international mobility industry.

DE-HAAN_Wencke_portret hoge resolutie

Breaking the glass ceiling - including your own

Today I completed my first week at De Haan relocation. A wonderful company with a rich history and a great sense of service.

DE HAAN_Groepsportret BBL-ers_091-1

BBL mogelijkheden bij De Haan

Vanuit haar maatschappelijke verantwoordelijkheid is ons internationale verhuisbedrijf al sinds jaar en dag lang een Erkend Leerbedrijf. Ben jij of ken jij iemand die bijvoorbeeld denkt aan leren en werken tegelijk? Dan is een beroepsbegeleidende leerweg (BBL) wellicht iets voor jou. 

LInda Rovekamp appointed COO De Haan relocation

Linda Rovekamp appointed to COO

Linda Rovekamp has been appointed COO. As of January 1, 2023, she will be responsible for the day-to-day management of De Haan relocation in the Netherlands.


Keby van den Oever-1

25th work anniversary Keby van den Oever

Keby is often on the road abroad, so we are happy to thank our reliable jubilee Keby more elaborately today for all his efforts.

Tony neemt sleutels in ontvangst van Verhuiswagen42 De Haan Verhuizingen 201022

DAF XG+ newest moving truck De Haan for European relocations

More spacious, longer and more economical! There it is: our latest moving truck for European relocations and flagship of DAF: the DAF XG+.

Certificaat Co2 reductie pallets De Haan Verhuizingen jaar 2021

Reuse of pallets results in nice CO2 reduction 2021

Attention makes everything more beautiful
De Haan 245 jaar

De Haan | 245 years on the move

With the delivery of one tow barge to Adriaan de Haan, documented on 21 May 1777, began the history of the De Haan family business. During 2022 we celebrate De Haan's 245th(!) anniversary. 

one-group Packing Cup 2022_ grouppicture happy

One-group Packing Cup

Last Thursday, May 12th 2022 the very first Packing Cup took place! A competition in which the best packers from different one-group members in Europe were judged on professional and fast packing.

Historische overlegruimte De Haan ter gelegenheid 245 jarig bestaaan

Historic room: eight generations of inspiration

Inspired by the wonderful history of De Haan, a historic meeting room has been set up in our building on the Edisonweg in Alblasserdam, Netherlands.

Certificaat Loyaltree De Haan-CTR 21-11-18

One can't realize sustainable moving alone

We prefer to move as sustainably as possible. Read how our focus on sustainability and collaborations have delivered great results in 2021.

DSP services through De Haan relocations's strategic partnerships

Destination Services: helping in simplifying the expatriation process

As a seasoned moving company, we have experienced it is our responsibility to help both the assignee and employer in simplifying the expatriation process to and from the Netherlands.


40th work anniversary at De Haan for Mark van der Linde

With a team of own removal employees, we make every day the difference. Mark van der Linde has been part of the team for 40(!) years. Last Friday, the always good-natured Mark celebrated his 40th work anniversary at De Haan relocation.

Edwin Ros

Introducing: Edwin Ros

In March 2021 Edwin Ros started at de Haan as Business Controller. After a busy period of familiarization, it is time to introduce Edwin to you.

Certificaat Milieuservice Nederland en De Haan verhuizingen

Product for product: another step taken in circularity

Ideally, circularity does not only mean that you do not throw away waste, but that you re-use it as a raw material for creating another product.

Duurzame bescherming van uw persoonlijke bezittingen

Met behulp van de aangeschafte vier nieuwe rolcontainers verzamelen wij nu onze eigen beschermfolie. Plus, deze beschermfolie bestaat nu volledig uit één soort recyclebaar PE in plaats van opgebouwde lagen uit verschillende herkomst. 100% recyclebaar dus!

Martijn wagens achter elkaaar snelweg

New year off to a good start: driving on vegetable oil!

As an international moving company, we are constantly looking for alternative fuels. 3 of our 11 trucks drive into the new year 2021 running 100% on Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO100).

Samenwerking Voedselbank en De Haan

Charity collaboration between Food Bank and De Haan Relocation to prevent food waste

A move is a good time to ‘declutter’ and take a good look at what will and will not be included. Should you consider moving, it is now possible to donate unopened, long-life items, other than alcohol, to the Food Bank in the special Food Bank box we developed.


Leroy en Pieter Majoor testen de nieuwe aanhangerlift

Electric trailer moving lift in use

Powerful, durable and compact: our new electric trailer moving lift has arrived.
Dopper en De Haan combi

Personalized "Doppers" for all De Haan employees

Summer temperatures! This week, all De Haan employees will receive not 1, but 2 personalized reusable 'Dopper' water bottles to always carry with them. Through our daily activities, however small, we contribute to a cleaner living environment.

Sustainable entrepreneurship is …………..installing nearly 500 solar panels on the roof

Almost 500 solar panels on the roof of our warehouse in Alblasserdam. From our perspective, responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship is never finished, but a continuous process of optimization and improvement.

ISO 27001-2

De Haan again ISO 27001 certified

Yes, the ISO 27001-Information Security Management System recertification is in! Having a management system for information security according to the most recent ISO 27001 standards guarantees security for you as a customer.



Martijn Zijlstra ontvangt sleutel Volvo op biodiesel-1

Latest De Haan moving truck also on biodiesel

Since 2016, we have been moving CO2-neutral with our entire own fleet of moving trucks. Our latest Volvo is suitable for running completely or on any blend of biodiesel without any problems. This contributes to less (-89%) CO2 emissions compared to current diesel.

wagen 41 tm 23 op rij - Patrick Brand

Special key handover new moving truck!

Recently our colleague, mover Arjan Baartman, received the keys of our newest truck in an unique way from Manager Operations Jan-Eric Bos.

Barbara Monnier DEF.jpg-1

Barbara Monnier strengthens team De Haan

With 26 years of experience in the international moving business, Barbara has since January 2, 2020 enthusiastically filled the position of Move Manager at De Haan Relocation. We are pleased to introduce to you our new colleague.

Small steps are also innovations!

Responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship is in our opinion never finished, but rather a process of optimization and improvement that grows with advancing insights. And we have been doing this for 8 generations De Haan since 1777(!).

AEO_final cs

De Haan again successfully extends the AEO permit

Thanks to the AEO permit, De Haan saves time in clearing household goods with customs so we can make sure that you receive your valuable properties quickly again and feel at home as soon as possible!

Wagen en shuttlevan in Costablanca met one-goup logo-1

Global De Haan visits one-group meeting in Spain

Quality is key to success, our people and their network of partners make the difference!

Our  unique partner network makes One-Group De Haan your best moving solution for coordinating your pan-European relocations with excellent service.

Code Verantwoordelijk Gedrag

De Haan signs Code of Responsible Market Conduct

Op 24 juni 2019 ondertekende CEO Wouter Hijzen namens De Haan Verhuizingen de Code Verantwoordelijk Marktgedrag. Het ondertekenen van deze Code is belangrijk voor ons bedrijf. Wij maken ermee duidelijk dat wij staan voor kwaliteit én een goed sociaal beleid. En daar zijn we trots op!


De Haan 242 years

It's your birthday! Today, our colleagues and the customers we relocate receive special cookies to celebrate our birthday. De Haan is 242 years old today, a good age to reflect on.


De Haan organizes Dutch drinks during FIDI congress

The FIDI Conference took place in Amsterdam from 31 March to 3 April 2019. A great opportunity for De Haan to organize a meeting for partners worldwide.

Linda Rovekamp-1

Linda Rovekamp Manager Corporate Desk

We are very pleased to announce the strengthening of De Haan relocation, with the appointment of Linda Rovekamp as Manager Corporate Desk, effective September 1st, 2018.


Movers help with the Roparun

A number of removal staff from De Haan have once again committed themselves to the Roparun. They were drivers in the removal vans made available by De Haan and thereby guided the runners on the route from Paris to Rotterdam.

Gert van Engelenburg

Mobility team De Haan is expanding

We are very pleased to announce the strengthening of De Haan, with the appointment of Gert van Engelenburg as European Traffic and Partner Manager, effective 1 February 2018.

Gold Standard Wind Taiwan5 - kopie (2)

Gold Standard Bundled Wind Project Taiwan

De Haan relocates CO2 neutral. This means that we minimize CO2 emissions as much as possible. This causes a significant drop in our CO2 footprint. We compensate the remainder by investing in clean energy via the Gold Standard Bundled Wind Project Taiwan.

ISO 27001-2

De Haan is ISO 27001 certified

A unicum! De Haan is the first international mover in the Netherlands to be ISO 27001 certified.

351475_Academy company 016 GOLD -small

De Haan rewarded with Gold Award

De Haan has been rewarded with the Gold Award for 2016 by FIDI.


De Haan Top Perfomer in FIDI FAIM 3.1 audit

In june De Haan has had a quality assessment audit by EY on the FAIM 3.1 quality standard. With a fantastic result: De Haan is Top Performer.

Rini Bakker-1

Rini Bakker: 25 years of service

Today Rini Bakker celebrates his 25th year of employment. We are really proud of our loyal employee!

Andre van Vliet-2

André van Vliet: 25 years of service

On the first of september André van Vliet, our loyal moving specialist, celebrated 25 years of employment. 

2 people watching laptop info

Special residence permit for highly skilled students

The Netherlands considers it important that highly educated foreign students and PhD students are given time to find a job as a highly skilled migrant after their studies, or start their own business in our country.


Presentation of 2014 CSR Report

Presentation of 2014 CSR Report

Verhuiswagen 40

We hebben er een nieuwe verhuiswagen bij!

Afgelopen vrijdag mocht onze collega Jan-Eric Bos onze nieuwste aanwinst in ontvangst nemen: de verhuiswagen W40. In deze truck zal verhuizer Rini Bakker de aankomende jaren hopelijk veel veilige kilometers maken.

nieuwe wagen andre van vliet

Nieuwe wagen voor internationale verhuizer André van Vliet

Onze internationale verhuizer André van Vliet heeft een nieuwe wagen! Gefeliciteerd en veel veilige kilometers toegewenst!